Recent Projects

On 9th September 2014, GFCL organized a high profile Investor Forum under the patronage of West African Investment Forum with tag line of “Invest In UEMOA” in Partnership with West African Economic and Monetary Union and the West African Development Bank whereby projects worth USD21.5 billion were presented to the EPC contractors, Developers and Bankers for investment, out of which projects worth USD19 billion have been taken up by different Investors/Developers by signing MOU/MOC in conference. Presidents from six countries, two countries representatives and Ruler of Dubai, His Highness Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Vice President & Prime Minister of United Arab Emirates, were present in Investor meet Forum.
GFCL has been engaged by West Africa Economic and Monetary Union and West Africa Development Bank for advising on the financing and development of 17 infrastructure projects in the region worth USD21 billion. Countries, Benin, Burkina Faso, Cote D’Ivoire, Guinea Bissau, Mali, Niger, Senegal, Togo.
The current projects include Roads & road related infrastructure, Railways, Airport, Dry Port, Sea Port, Energy, Energy Transmission and Distribution, Food Security, Cargo & Logistics in UEMOA member states as well as Serbia and other countries.
GFCL’s associate company has established a Joint Venture company GIDC d.o.o with the Government of Serbia to work on various Infrastructure projects in the country.
GFCL’s Principal Mr. Arun Panchariya, had also provided advisory services to the Malaysian Government on a Government-to-Government infrastructure project with Bangladesh, valued at USD2.9 billion.
Also advised to the State Government of Pahang for the development of Oil & Gas and Maritime Industrial Park in Pekan, Pahang, Malaysia under a fund raising program of USD2.4 billion.
GFCL currently working on a number of projects including Debt fund raising, ECBs, M&A, Private Equity and Joint venture proposals.
GFCL takes pleasure in informing that in terms of the MOU executed between GFCL and the Governments of various nations and a multilateral Bank, GFCL has been appointed as an Exclusive Advisor for the financing and development of a series of Infrastructure and industry projects in the following sectors
Construction of Railways & associated activities:
  • Airports
  • Maritime Transport, Sea-Ports, Dry-Ports
  • Road and Bridges
  • Check-Posts Constructions and operations
  • Social Housing Units Construction (more than 20,000 units in various countries)
  • Agriculture programme for rehabilitation, cultivation & Irrigation of more than 10,000 Hectares Land
  • Developement of agriculture and Agro-based industries.
  • Multi Purpose development programme for food Security (Water, agriculture and Pastoral activities):
  • Energy
  • Solar Power
  • Thermal Power
  • Hydro Electric Power
Sl. No. Sector
1 Roads & Highways
  • Construction of Highway E-763, Serbia
  • Construction of Roads in various states in West Africa
2 Railway
  • Project for the construction and development of Railway network in one of the member states of UAE
  • Project for the construction of Railway in another member state of UAE
  • Development of Metro links in 4 different cities in India
  • Construction of Railway Corridor San Pedro-Bamako
3 Airports
  • Project for the construction of Airport
  • Development of a new Airport at Ghana
  • Construction of infrastructure for the implementation of International airport of Glo-Djigbe, Benin
  • Design, Financing and operations of the International Airport at San-Pedro and aero city on 1700 ha of Land.
4 Sea Port/ Dry Port
  • Construction of dry port in Cote d’Ivoire
  • Development of a commercial port in Liberia
5 Energy Sector
  • Construction of Thermal power Plant in Salkadama
  • 2 MW Solar Power Project in Al Geneina
  • 3 MW Solar Power Project in Al Fashir
  • 100 MW Wind Power Project in Dongola
  • 10 MW Solar Power Project in Khartoum
  • 5 MW Solar Power project in Nyala
  • 100 MW Wind Power Project in Nyala
  • 180 MW Wind Power Project in Red Sea State
  • To set up a bio-mass processing plant (300 TPD), Pilkhua village, Hapur , UP
  • To set up a 15 MW Waste to Energy Power Plant by processing 500 MT Refused Derived Fuel (RDF)
  • Project to set up 20 MW Waste to Energy Power Plant in Mauritius
6 Housing/ Real Estate
  • To build a 2 Bedroom Apartments in a 4 Storey building across various cities of Ghana
  • Development of low cost housing projects in Liberia
  • Construction of a Bridge to connect Vridi lagoon to Port of Abidjan
  • Banking Business Buyout proposal
  • Pharmaceutical sector opportunities
  • Servicing, management and operation of a logistics centre and industrial area at 150 ha of Land.
8 Several B2B Industrial Sector Projects